The health and wellness of employees and guests are more important than ever.  There has never been a time more critical to implement strategies that benefit employees’ mental health and well-being.

As companies head back to work, many will need to shift away from their pre-pandemic thinking.  So many aspects of the “new normal” have changed.  Below are some areas that employers should consider addressing before deeming their businesses “safe” to return to:

  • Cleaning/Disinfecting Procedures – Having a clean and safe building is going to be important for all employees. Procedures, policies, and cleaning product will need to be evaluated.  Focus will need to be directed to high-traffic touch points like elevators, door handles, restrooms, fixtures, light switches, handrails, and garbage cans, along with more frequent cleaning.
  • Accessible Resources – Employees may be asked to help disinfect their own spaces. Having ample supply of disinfectant sprays and wipes will help each employee feel safer about their workspace.
  • Clear Boundaries – “Social distancing” will be a phrase that never leaves us. Allowing fewer people in the elevator at one time, holding smaller group meetings, and even limiting the number of employees in gathering places will be important.
  • Remote Options – Employees do not have to be at work to be productive. Flexibility in working from home, alternating schedules, and Zoom meetings are adding to the wellness of employees.  Employees feel safe at home. Smart companies will continue to figure out the right balance between in-office, working from home, and productivity.
  • New Seating Arrangements – Employers should rethink the floor plans of their workspace. The modern workplace has transitioned into open floor plans, team cooperation, and fluid desk assignments; however, we will likely see the reemergence of cubicles as people will want to separate themselves with physical barriers.

As economies come back to life and businesses reopen, the health and wellness of each employee will only continue to become increasingly imperative.  Because employees are more productive when they feel safe and well, employers need to focus on the well-being of their people.  Employees will seek out sunlight, mid-day walks, outdoor space, and fresh air.  We have already seen many employees opting to take the stairs instead of elevators, and facilities are upgrading their air filtration standards to supply cleaner air throughout buildings.

Can we be safe at work? Absolutely! That said, it will take the hard work and cooperation of everyone there.  Together, we can have a workplace that will keep employees healthy and feeling well.

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