Our Story

We earned our respected reputation by refining our unique way of doing business over the course of many years. We build cash-flowing contemporary properties by preserving the resourceful thinking and homegrown values that shaped our humble beginnings. These values took root in PEG’s culture during our founder’s upbringing on a dairy farm in Southern Idaho, long before the company’s inception. Despite our continued present-day expansion and earning national recognition, the principles of our farm-life heritage continue to influence PEG’s day-to-day operations, decisions around strategic growth, and how we partner with the communities where we build.

Core Values

As a company and as individuals, we are honest and open with our stakeholders about every action we take. Transparency breeds trust, which in turn, helps us build stronger relationships.
Our word is our bond. Because we believe that keeping promises is part of doing business the right way, we make them only when we are willing and able to adhere strictly to those commitments.
Because we cultivate innovation in all we do, we are able to overcome barriers and tackle difficult-to-execute projects that others in the industry shy away from. Some of our strongest assets are those that required thinking outside-the-box and problem-solving. Through embracing diverse perspectives and collaboration, PEG Companies constantly uncovers new opportunities.
We recognize and honor each other for who we are and embrace our   differences. Every person who works for or interacts with PEG deserves to   feel valued and important, and we make it happen.
Hard Work
“We do hard things” isn’t just our mantra; it is our work ethic. Engrained in our culture ever since we opened in 2003, we maintain an unwavering focus on our goals and do not stop until we reach appreciation of our desired end results.