As PEG Companies develops properties, we are mindful of hitting our budgets and delivering the highest quality product to our clients. PEG has standardized processes and systems that help us deliver on our goals. Throughout development and construction, we work with all our teams–on-site construction crews, budget analysts, and our in-house asset management team–to turn over more efficient and cost-effective buildings to our property management. Working together helps us refine and innovate our processes in every project. This also ensures positive returns for everyone: the company, investors, tenants, and the community.

Below are some examples of when standardizing processes and systems creates a better overall product.

Pool Equipment Rooms

  • We have learned that when we can set the standard for pool areas in the design phase, including the layout of the equipment, the equipment brand, and any other needs of the space, we save money in the long run by eliminating change orders during construction, or having to reconfigure layouts after the building is turned over to the facilities team. Standardizing the pool equipment we install also saves money on maintenance and replacement costs, because we know which products have the best value and performance.

Mechanical Standards

  • With most condensing units being on the roof of the buildings, they are subject to the sun and weather. This always destroys insulation on refrigerant lines quickly. When we standardize the requirement of weatherproof insulation, it saves time chasing the contractor for warranty repair or the need to replace entire units only a few years into the operation of the building.

Rooftop Amenities

  • Standardizing things like hose bibs on the roof tops while in the design phase again saves money on change orders in construction or the need to install after construction is complete. Having access to water on the roof saves time while washing HVAC coils(not having to drag hoses up and over the building), and makes it easier to efficiently clean rooftops and drains.
  • Requiring the mechanical and electrical contractors to install rubber mounts or blocks to run refrigerant lines and electrical lines across rooftops ensures the integrity of the roof membrane.

Our team pulls from a depth of knowledge and experience with preventative maintenance and strives to work with the rest of the teams to build and develop efficiently operating properties to ensure the highest comfort for tenants and the best returns for our owners and investors. Years ago, I learned a saying from a great mentor that I try and live by in the facilities and construction division of PEG Companies:


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