Several years ago, PEG responded to an RFP by Vail Resorts to develop the base parking lots at Park City Mountain Resort.  After an in-depth review process with Vail, PEG was selected as the Developer of this incredible location.  Since that time, PEG prepared and submitted an application to amend the existing Development Agreement by replacing the old site plan with a new site plan.  So, we get asked all the time: “What’s happening with the Park City project?” I’m happy to be able to provide an update on what we’ve been busy working on.

Gathering Input

Starting in June of 2020 we began meeting with the Planning Commission in Park City.  Over the course of the last several months we have met with and presented 9 times to the Planning Commission.  In addition to those meetings, we have met with neighbors and community stakeholders as well.  As you can imagine, this is a large project in an iconic location with implications for many different people.  Over the course of those meetings, we have presented our site planning and architecture, traffic and transportation plans, and our strategy for creating a sustainable development.

Making Architectural Adjustments

Through our meetings with the community, there has been a lot of back and forth; for example, the Planning Commission was concerned about the massing on one of the parcels, Parcel B.  After listening to their concerns, we went back to see if there was anything we could do, and with a lot of effort, we did, in fact, make some significant changes to address their concerns by adding a view corridor that is a beautiful addition to the project.  These types of discussions and adjustments are all positive steps in the entitlements process.

Reassessing Transportation

In addition to the adjustments we made to architecture, we have stepped back from our original transportation plan and, in collaboration with the City Staff, have come up with other solutions that prioritize mass transit, making it easier and more convenient for people to ride the bus; thus, reducing individual vehicles on the road.  Again, this is a very positive process.

Prioritizing Sustainability

Finally, I should mention that this project will meet and exceed Park City’s sustainability guidelines, which are some of the most progressive in the nation.  We will increase energy efficiency 15-20% over the current code standards, and we will achieve a Net Zero energy efficiency using on-site renewables plus renewable energy credits, in addition to many other practices to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

If this project is approved, we believe it will become a significant amenity to the entire community. PEG’s plans include luxury condos located at the base of North America’s largest ski resort, a 4-star hotel, retail and restaurants, a ski club, and skier services.

We are looking forward to a decision from the Planning Commission in the next few months.  We appreciate the public process and are happy with adjustments that have been made.  We believe we have presented a fantastic plan and are hopeful the Planning Commission agrees.

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