Staff/Senior Accountant

Job summary

This accountant role is development and construction centric. Development accountants have a unique and exciting perspective at the company. The development accountant will be involved from start to finish, from the early days of a project being just an idea being researched by analysts up through the construction and early operations of large income generating assets. Time and time again, this role will see and help in the creation of successful companies. Generally, each development account will be responsible for the accounting for 8 to 10 projects in development.

  • Maintain financials for multiple entities in development or operating stages
  • Manage monthly loan and insurance payments
  • Prepare monthly loan amortization schedules
  • Maintain the fixed asset and depreciation schedules
  • Assist with real estate tax payments
  • Assist with 1099-INT and 1099-MISC filings
  • Assist with asset capitalization
  • Prepare and support project managers or asset managers with operations or job costing
  • Reconciliations of job costs to GL
  • Construction and/or development accounting
  • 1-4 years minimum of accounting experience.
  • Knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
  • Highly analytical. Ability to recognize data patterns and manipulate data to derive useful information and reporting
  • Must be self-motivated and able to focus on task until completion
  • Ability to think strategically and operate with extreme attention to detail and accuracy
  • Must have a friendly, service oriented attitude as much of your time will be spent helping other teams and supporting their needs
  • Strong problem-solving and time management skills
  • Willingness to jump in and learn processes and systems
  • Ability to leverage technology to enhance efficiency.


***Preference given to candidates with:


  • High proficiency in Excel. Big data manipulation. You can spot patterns in large data sets and know some highly efficient formulas or VBA to isolate them.
  • SQL a plus, if you can read all the parameters, variables, this-and-thats that my untrained brain is slowly stumbling through to formulate more advanced ERP custom reports, that is a leg-up for you.
  • Tax laws affecting real estate, particularly those that result in accelerated depreciation. A company goal to engage in Construction Tax Planning, which is a more proactive approach during design and construction to maximize depreciation once placed in service.
  • Yardi Voyager
  • Yardi’s construction/job cost module
  • Creating Pay Applications (e.g. G702, G703) in Yardi
  • Experience in job costing or property accounting.
  • Experience with Development Company
  • Experience with Construction Company
  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting

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