Each year at our PEG Companies Annual Investor Meeting, we select a theme that we believe embodies the values most significant to our firm that year. In 2019, our theme Utah Rising examined the major economic surge the State of Utah is experiencing and pinpointed parallels between growth across Utah and growth at PEG.

As a rapidly expanding investment company that builds state-of-the-art real estate developments by preserving the resourceful thinking and homegrown values that shaped our humble beginnings, we welcome any opportunity to learn about others’ strategic growth.  That is why we and our partners were honored to welcome this year’s keynote speaker, Mike Maughan, Head of Global Insights at Qualtrics. An industry guru around all things growth, Mike sat down with PEG’s own Ali Monsen, living room-style, and spoke candidly about the research software giant’s extraordinary expansion into the world’s leading experience management platform.

From SAP’s monumental $8 billion acquisition of Qualtrics to co-founding the unique #5ForTheFight sponsorship with the Utah Jazz, no topic was off limits.  Enjoy!


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